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Our Aquapark offers you three types of solariums:

Solarium 1 – ULTRASUN brand, type: Q15 High Power Turbo

horizontal solarium consisting of two parts – fixed lower part and movable upper part. The upper part contains 25 pcs of SUNFIT VRX3 160W and 4 pcs of RS 500W of face lamps and the lower part contains 20 pcs of SUNFIT XL3+ 120W (190cm). In the area behind the head are sited shoulder tanners with 6 tubes SUNFIT S+ 25W.

Solarium 2 – ULTRASUN brand, type: Sunburst 4500 High Power

horizontal solarium consisting of two parts – fixed lower part and movable upper part. The upper part contains 20 pcs of SUNFIT RX+ 100W and 3 pcs of RS 500W of face lamps and the lower part contains 18 pcs of SUNFIT 120W XL (190cm).

Solarium 3 – ULTRASUN brand, type: POWERTOWER I8

Vertical solarium consisting of two parts –fixed and movable one (door). The inner part contains 200W SUNFIT pipes and a panel with ventilators.


  1. Purchase of a chip at the reception desk; statement of length of tanning session desired.
  2. Pass the turnstile and enter the solarium room by using the chip.
  3. The portion of minutes selected will be displayed by laying the chip watch onto the stacking panel. Odložením čipových hodinek do odkládacího panelu se zobrazí navolený počet minut.
  4. Activate the solarium by pressing the green button: Start.
  5. After the programme ends, you return to the reception desk where the account is settled. /li>

Considerations for users

  • Always wear protective glasses.
  • Remove any body cosmetics, make-up and perfumes. Do not use sunbathing cosmetics. Use only cosmetics designed for tanning in solariums.
  • Minimum period of time between two tanning procedures of 48 hours.
  • Do not tan yourself in a solarium and in the sun on the same day.
  • In the event of any harm caused to the skin, visit the dermatologist.
  • Tanning is prohibited for persons with burnt skin, suffering from UV radiation allergy, with skin cancer and skin diseases not permitting contact of the skin with UV radiation. Children under the age of 15 years are not allowed to use the solarium.
  • Failure to observe the recommended time periods and exposure of the skin to burning may result in destructive ageing and serious harm to the skin.
  • Tanning times and the resulting tan vary according to the individual and the sensitivity of the skin differs over the year; that is why we feature a guidance-board for six different phototypes.

  Tanning times in minutes
photo-type specification 1. Week 2. Week 3. Week 4. Week
I Very fair skin, rutilism, sun-spots, blue or green eyes – always burns, pigmentation never present, does not tan but turns red NOT RECOMMENDED
II Fair skin and eyes, burns very often, tanned to red, pigmentation sometimes present 6 8 9 10
III Medium-fair skin, dark fair to auburn hair, brown eyes, sometimes burns, sometimes tanned to red, pigmentation always present 8 9 10 12
IV Dark skin, dark hair and eyes, burns very rarely, pigmentation always present 9 11 12 13
V Very dark skin, dark to black hair, almost never burns, dark brown pigmentation 10 11 13 14
VI The darkest phototype, never burns 11 12 14 15


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